Vegan Skincare - 5 Reasons Why The Products In Your Bathroom Are As Impactful As Those In Your Kitchen

by Sarah Taylor

Vegan toiletries are a significant presence in our shopping baskets. From mens skincare all the way through to feminine shaving products, there are many products that hold ingredients that threaten the wellbeing of both your body and the planet.

In recent years, veganism has taken the world by storm. Cruelty-free consideration, eco awareness, climate change conversation and online trends have all significantly propelled the global vegan movement - and for good reason!

The iconic ‘Veganuary’ annual event has encouraged meat eaters from all over the world to put down their steak knives in favour of plant-based dining. But beyond our dinner plates, what about the products we use on our skin?

Here are 5 reasons why the products in your bathroom cabinet are as impactful as the ones in your kitchen cupboards:

1) What you use, you eat. Our bodies absorb up to 60% of what we apply to its surface. Would you eat any of the scary chemicals listed on the back of some of the products you see widely advertised? Unlikely. Apply the same rule of thumb to your skincare buying as your grocery list to avoid processed nasties.

2) Education is power. Before slathering on your night cream, take a moment to use resources online to check through what the product is made from. Mindfulness can apply to every area of our lives, including the care of our health and wellbeing product use. This change of perspective could be nourishing in more ways than one!

3) The feel-good factor has it’s own glow. The way you spend your money is all part of building personal identity. How and where you purchase communicates your values and beliefs. Align your interests with your consumer choices in the knowledge you’re spending wisely and ethically and you’ll achieve a personal glow that will easily beat any synthetically created version.

4) Nature’s store cupboard is plentiful. Plant-based ingredients in natural skincare are easier for your body to absorb. Your skin cannot thrive covered with synthetic fragrances and nasty chemicals. Embrace nature’s answer to moisturiser with ingredients such as aloe, shea butter, and mango.

5) Harm-free is the future. You won’t find lanolin (grease from sheep’s wool), carmine (colouring from crushed insects) or uric acid (taken from cows) in natural skincare products. Liberate yourself - and billions of living creatures - from the burden producers place on us when they encourage participation in commercial cruelty practices.

In a world where filling your basket in digital form is the norm, we have never had as much consumer power as we have today. We are no longer limited to a small handful of skincare suppliers.

We hold the (credit) cards now - with many earth and body conscious products to choose from.

Buy the products that work in harmony with both your body and your values. It could be the best shopping decision you ever make - for an inspiring collective of reasons!

Helen Victoria,