Why You Need a Night-Time Skincare Routine

by Sarah Taylor

We’ve all been there. You’ve just come in from a long day, and you want to go straight to bed. Your skin care products are lined up on the vanity, watching you disapprovingly as you forget about them. Establishing a consistent skincare routine is one of the best investments you can make in your skin. Your nightly routine should differ from what you apply in the morning, but it doesn’t have to take 20 minutes of your time. We’re going to tell you why it’s crucial to have a night-time routine and how to establish one that is easy to follow.


Your skin goes through a lot during the day. While you’re fast asleep, your skin cells are working overtime to repair, recover, and rejuvenate. One benefit of the renewal process is your skin can absorb all the active ingredients in your products. You can target your routine to the specific needs, such as tackling acne or preventing premature ageing. 


While your morning routine might be a quick three-step process, you want to take a little extra time to give your skin some TLC before bed. Establishing a nightly skincare routine can give you a pocket of time for focusing on self-care, forgetting the stresses of your day. You’re not in a mad rush to get to work, and you can enjoy the process more. Your skincare routine should feel like a ritual. 


How should your night-time routine look? It differs from person to person. There are a few common elements that remain the same for every skin type.


You want to double cleanse at night, a habit we’ve picked up from the Korean beauty industry. Start with micellar water to remove your makeup before going in with a gentle cleanser to help you achieve a deeper cleanse. For nights when you want to catch up on your Netflix show, add a clay mask to your routine after your double cleanse. 


Follow through with your toner to balance your skin’s pH level before moving onto your serums to target your treatment. You’ll want to use AHAs before bed, as it means you don’t have to worry about UV exposure right after applying. 


You want to try and have one acid amongst your night-time serums such as our Rejuvenating Hibiscus serum or Cellular boost Oxygenating Night recovery . Hyaluronic acid is a popular choice as it helps your skin retain its moisture throughout the day. You can use glycolic acid for its anti-ageing properties as it helps diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. A serum with glycolic acid can help you fight acne outbreaks while minimising pores.


After using your serums, add an eye cream to help diminish fine lines and wrinkles while hydrating the skin under your eyes. You want to seal everything in with a moisturiser to nourish your skin.


Don’t think of skincare as a chore. Instead find ten or fifteen minutes before bed to relax and give your skin a chance to repair and recover from the day. Your night-time skincare routine is the key to getting “beauty sleep”.