What's your skin type?

Oily Skin

Skin is shinny, greasy, thicker and has enlarged pores. Lipids are increased because of overactive sebaceous glands.

Normal Skin

Skin is smooth, clear with a rosy glow and fine pores. No visible blemishes, flakes or grease.

Dry Skin

Skin is tight, flakey and dull around the cheeks and eyes. Lack of moisture in corneous layer. Less elasticity and premature wrinkles. 

Mature Skin

Skin has fine lines, thinner skin and duller. 

Combination Skin

One of the most common skin types. Dry around the cheeks and eyes. Skin is oily around the t-zone (chin, forehead and nose.) It's a mixture of skin types. 

Acne Prone Skin

Skin has blemishes and breakouts. 

Sensitive Skin

Skin that may not tolerate certain products. Skin is itchy, red, burning, or dry when skincare products are applied.